P92 Astore

Category: Ultralight

Country: Italy

Release: 2019

Price: 102000 EUR

Last-updated: 11.01.2019

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The Tecnam Astore is a metal, 2 place, low wing fun machine. It is a low wing, two place, single engine airplane equipped with tricycle landing gear. The all metal airframe structure is complemented by the selective use of an epoxy reinforced matrix of carbon/glass fiber for the upper radome and fairings.


· Magnetic Compass
· Airspeed Ind., Km
· Altimeter
· Vertical Speed
· Bank Indicator
· Pitot System
· Static System
• APPLE I-PAD Mini with Tecnam App
• ELT 406 Mhz With Antenna & Remote Mounted Switch

Engine: 1 Rotax 912Uls2 100 Hp
Two Integral Fuel Tanks With 29 US Gal Total Capacity

Price: 102000 EUR

Loan payment calculator
Downpayment: 30% 30600 EUR
Monthly Payment: 48 Months x 1709.76 EUR
Interest rate 7% per annum from remaining

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Flight Support

Riga, Latvia
Phone: +3716788 5025

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