Sell Aircraft

Please read these conditions carefully before adding your aircraft to sales catalog.
This aircraft advertisement board is for privates and companies who would want to sell general aviation aircraft with help of Flight Support "Lease to Buy" service This service allows to increase significantly your chance to sell the aircraft by giving more finance possibilities to potential buyers.

General conditions.

You can add your aircraft free of charge.

In case if the seller sells the aircraft with Flight Support "Lease to Buy" service help, then:

  1. Within 2 days after signing of purchase agreement between Flight Support and Buyer, the Seller receives full aircraft costs after deduction of Flight Support interest.
  2. Flight Support interest rate is 12% from the total aircraft price - for aircraft which price is up to 100.000EUR, 10% - if the aircraft price is within the range of 100.000 to 1.000.000EUR and 7% if the sold aircraft price is more than 1mln Eur.
    This interest will be deducted from the final aircraft cost when the agreement will be signed between the aircraft Buyer and Flight Support.
  3. Seller shall not put the aircraft price more than this aircraft has on another advertisement/sales platforms, including, but not limited to web sites, newspapers, magazines etc.
  4. Flight Support CAN'T guarantee that it will provide lease option for every client, who might be interested to lease the aircraft, but Flight Support provide clear requirements to every interested party.
  5. Flight Support can delete any advertisement without any notification to seller, in case if this adverts do not meet website internal policy, or due to another reason without obligation to inform about it.
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